Mark wishes everyone the best as we work through COVID-19. He is mediating by videoconference during the lock down. Contact Mark to discuss.

Mark Kelly - Barrister & Commercial Mediator

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Teaching & Memberships

Mark has written and presented extensively, locally and internationally, on mediation, and other legal topics. See - Articles and Seminars.

He has guest-lectured, and provided mediation skills coaching, at the Auckland University Law School.

He is the Deputy Director of Education (Mediation) at AMINZ. He is a regular on the faculty of the AMINZ Mediation Skills Intensive course. In 2019, he supervised the AMINZ Fellowship (Mediation) Assessment.

He is a fellow of AMINZ, and of the International Academy of Mediators.

He is a current member of the New Zealand Society of Construction Law, the New Zealand Bar Association, the New Zealand Insurance Law Association, the Auckland Medico-Legal Society and the Intellectual Property Society of Australia and New Zealand.