“As counsel who has used you many times over the past 5 years or so on a wide range of matters, I highly recommend you. But it is your work over the past couple of years in the Earthquake litigation here in Christchurch that has really seen you shine above others and is second to none. Your mediating has been excellent, and I know that I am not alone in saying that and recommending you for as many earthquake cases as we can. Over and above your sharp intellect and legal acumen to understand and assist the parties on what can sometimes be complex legal, factual and expert arguments, you bring a real human element with warmth and understanding that is almost always required on these matters.”


“I have watched as Mark Kelly’s mediation career has sky-rocketed. He is now undoubtedly one of the top mediators in the country, a thought leader in his field and a sought-after speaker and mentor.”


“Mark has an unquenched enthusiasm which is infectious for counsel and the parties and it makes the mediation process all that smoother.”


“I have known Mark professionally now for 20+ years. I have also experienced first-hand his role as a mediator. He brings a style, integrity and approach to mediation that is exceptional in distilling difficult commercial disputes and finding common ground where parties are at serious loggerheads. He embodies the expression “you need to go slow to go fast”.
I now see him as one of the leading mediators in NZ and frankly now my go to first choice.”


“I have come across Mark in a number of mediations now and have always found his approach and his upbeat and engaging manner of huge benefit in getting constructive discussion and ultimately resolution of difficult issues. “


“Mark is a very skilled mediator. He gets the parties talking about the key issues, is measured and fair, and has a real ability to manage different personalities and emotions in the room with his friendly and good-humoured nature. Mark is also a leader in the field with his role on the Council of the Arbitrators’ and Mediators’ Institute, as well as fulfilling many different speaking and teaching engagements. I would thoroughly recommend Mark as a mediator.”


“Mark can communicate with all types of disputants and adversaries and genuinely believes in the worth of and primacy of mediation. He is able to move debate and guide negotiations along, both around the main table and in the break-out rooms, drawing on his match-fit mediator skills, particularly natural charm and humour.”


References/referees can be provided on request.