Below are some recent articles and seminars by Mark. Please note that they are only intended to state the law at the time of publication, and should not be relied upon as a substitute for legal advice.

ADLS Seminar, March 2023
Putting The Commercial Into Commercial Mediation
DairyNews, March 2023
Farm Debt Mediation
FedsNews, September 2022
FedsNews, August 2022
Under Pressure? The Farm Debt Mediation Act 2019 is There to Help
Webinar, June 2022
How to Get the Most out of Commercial Mediation
STEP Talk, March 2022
Mediating Trust and Estates Disputes
IAM Symposium Farm Debt Mediation, November 2021
Climate Change and Other Common Themes
RITANZ panel discussion, June 2021
Webinar, April 2020
Seminar, February 2020
Seminar, February 2020
Seminar, September 2019
Seminar, March 2019
Law Talk, November 2018
Intellectual Property and Alternative Dispute Resolution
Seminar, November 2018
Seminar, June 2018
The Art of the Deal? – Negotiation Tips for Lawyers in JSC’s

Presented as part of the ADLS CPD Seminar “Judicial Settlement Conferences: Perspectives and Practical Guidance”

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Webinar, February 2018
Assesing Court Risks: What Mediators Need to Know
Law Talk, October 2017
I’m Not Biased, They Are
Seminars, September 2016
– October 2017
Disaster Mediation Schemes

Mark has presented on this topic to:

  • The National Mediation Conference, Gold Coast, Australia, September 2016;
  • The AMINZ Conference, Auckland, July 2016;
  • The Society of Mediation Professionals (Singapore), as one of the Maxwell Lectures, October 2017; and
  • The APAC Insurance Conference (Singapore), October 2017.

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Law Talk, July 2016
No Case Too Big to Mediate
NBR, April 2016
Quake Recovery Faults Show Mediation Scheme Needed
Seminar, March 2016
The Gatekeepers to Commercial Mediation
Seminar, September 2015
Construction Mediation – Local and International Developments and Issues
Seminar, July 2015
Tailored Commercial Mediation Options
Law Talk, May 2015
Putting the “Commercial” into Commercial Mediation
Seminar, March 2015
Reporting Back on the Mediating Disputes Course at Harvard Law School
Seminar, March 2015
Medico-legal Issues – Minimising the Risk & What To Do When they Arise
NZ Lawyer, March 2015
The Case for Mandatory Mediation of Civil Disputes
Law Talk, December 2014
Recent Developments in Commercial Mediation
Seminar, July 2014
Seminar, May 2012
Challenging the Powers that Be: Are Registration Boards Above the Rules of Natural Justice?